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Synergy Now Offers Deicing Services

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Synergy is excited to announce deicing services just in time for winter!

As the only FBO at Central Illinois Regional Airport with a deice truck, Synergy can provide on-demand deice services for your aircraft when you need it. Our truck carries both Type 1 and Type 4 deicing fluid and reaches up to 35 feet high to accommodate all corporate and most airline aircraft. In addition to a deice truck, Synergy maintains its own snow removal equipment to ensure you will taxi and walk on a clear, slip-free ramp.

Make sure to enjoy your holiday travels by spending time getting where you want to go instead of waiting inside an FBO for ice and snow removal services. Whether you’re staying in Bloomington or just stopping by for fuel, Synergy Flight Center will meet all your needs!

Let us know what we can do for you.

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