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Fuel Discount for Oshkosh travelers!

On Final to Oshkosh?


Every year the EAA hosts an Airventure celebration to honor aviation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is deemed an “AirVenture” because of the unique and varied experiences this event has to offer. There are fantastic air shows and planes galore! Additionally, there are concerts, workshops, demonstrations, forums, and much more for everyone to enjoy. As aviation enthusiasts, we at Synergy hope you are planning to join other Airventurers from around the world at this incredible event!!


To help you get there, we would like to offer fuel discounts for travelers heading to or from Oshkosh during this summer celebration. From July 23 through July 29, stop by Synergy Flight Center and mention your travels to Oshkosh to receive 100 LL and Jet-A discounts!


*Save $.25/gallon for all 100LL purchases

*Save $.50/gallon for all Jet-A purchases

*Earn Triple AvTrip points for AvTrip members


Enjoy Oshkosh and happy flying!

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