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An instrument rating allows you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules; opening doors to greater utility and safety as an aviator by enabling you to fly when the weather might keep a VFR pilot on the ground. To receive an instrument rating, the FAA requires 50hrs of cross-country time as pilot-in-command, 40hrs of instruction in instrument flying, and successful completion of a written, oral, and practical test.

$ 359.00 Cessna Pilot Online Training Curriculum

The Cessna Pilot Training kit is an online training course designed to prepare you for both the FAA Written as well as a complete flight training ground school.


The written exam can often be bottle neck for many student’s flight training. The Written Prep course includes five, one on one ground sessions designed to provide you with structured path to help complete the FAA written exam in conjunction with the home study FAA written prep featured in the Cessna Pilot Training Kit.


  • $ 165.00 FAA Written Exam
  • $ 140.00 Charts and Approach Plates, Garmin Pilot, or ForeFlight
  • $ 350.00 FAA Practical Exam

$ 11,595.00 FULL-TIME

About 3 - 5 weeks duration

The Full-Time Training Program is an all-inclusive program designed to enhance learning and save the student time and money through an accelerated pace and structured curriculum at a fixed cost. Full-Time students are required maintain a 20 hour per week commitment as well as complete the FAA written before beginning flight training at Synergy.

The Full-Time program includes:

  • All Required Flight time per 61.65(d)(2)
  • Unlimited Flight Simulator use during training

For the highly motivated student who can commit to it, the Full-Time Flight Training Program enhances learning by reducing the loss of learning between lessons and immersing the student in flight training.

$13,404.00 TOTAL

$ 11,200.00 - $ 15,700.00 PART-TIME

6 - 8 months duration (approx)

For those who cannot commit to a Full-Time Program, we offer customized flight training tailored to the student’s time and availability. The total cost and duration of training varies depending on a number of factors but the most important is the frequency and consistency of training. The more frequently you train, the faster and cheaper you learn.

The Part-Time Training Program is conducted at the following rates:

  • $ 160.00/hr - Aircraft Rental - 2013 Cessna 172 NAV III
  • $ 75.00/hr - Simulator - Redbird FMX 1000
  • $ 65.00/hr - Advanced Flight Instruction

$13,009.00 - $ 17,509.00 TOTAL