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This is your hands-on opportunity to experience a taste of the top tier, premium general aviation life-style that Cirrus owners and pilots enjoy. Ever wonder what its like to hop in your airplane for that important business meeting; or take your family and friends on a memorable trip, bypassing the hassle of airline travel; or the incomparable trill of taking the controls for yourself and guiding your aircraft with skill and confidence through beautiful vistas to a perfect landing? Your Synergy-Cirrus Discovery Flight is designed to give you an opportunity to experience what its like to learn to do all of these things and give you all the information you need to make a well informed decision about pursuing aviation with Synergy's Cirrus Approach to flight training and aircraft management.

If you’ve always wanted to fly but want to see what it’s like first, then for just under $1,000 Synergy's Discovery Flight in our Cirrus aircraft is for you!


You'll meet with one of our Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots to discuss how to best reach your aviation goals. Your instructor will explain the Cirrus Approach to flight training and answer any questions you might have about the process.

You'll be at the controls for a short flight to an exciting destination and back. Along the way you will fly the airplane and be introduced to the comforts of the Cirrus flight deck and instruments.

Your destination will include a complimentary dinner with your instructor where you will enjoy a quality meal and have time to discuss your experience and prepare for the flight home. You'll be able to take pictures and have fun!


Synergy Flight Center is central Illinois' premier FBO located in Bloomington, IL at the Central Illinois Regional Airport. Synergy is a full-service FBO that is committed to providing state of the art services to meet all your aviation needs. As a Cirrus Training Center, Synergy Flight Center has partnered with Cirrus Aircraft to honor our commitment to provide the highest level of personal aviation training.

We provide our flight students with the latest cutting edge equipment in modern flight training. The Redbird FMX 1000 Simulator features electric motion platform and wrap-around visuals. The 2019 Cirrus SR20 GTS features a clean, comfortable air-conditioned cockpit, technological advance instruments, and the ballistic recovery parachute.

As a Cirrus Training Center, you will receive training from a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot. CSIPs specialize in the Cirrus Approach to flight training tailored to maximize safety and the quality of your learning experience. This includes direct access to the world wide Cirrus network of FBOs as well as informative online content tailored specifically to the Cirrus aircraft through the Cirrus Approach.


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