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In order to receive a Private Pilot License, the FAA requires you to log a total of 40hrs minimum of flight time (broken down in various ways), and pass three tests; a written, oral, and practical exam.
  • The written exam is meant to test your overall knowledge covering all areas related to a Private Pilot and must be completed before the Oral and Practical exam.
  • The Oral and Practical exams are taken at the end of training and usually are referred to as the “check-ride” with a FAA examiner (similar to a driver’s test). At the end of a successful check-ride the examiner issues you your Private Pilot Certificate!

$ 11,595.00 FULL-TIME

5 to 8 WEEKS (approx)

The Full-Time Course is a fixed cost, accelerated flight training program designed to maximize learning and cost effectiveness. To qualify for the full-time program students must complete the FAA written exam before flight training begins and maintain a commit to 20hrs of flight training per week.* The Full-Time Program includes:

  • All Simulator Time
  • All Instructor Time
  • All Airplane Time

*If a student is unable to maintain the 20hr per week commitment or finds the pace too fast we can prorate the training already received according to hourly rates and proceed under the part-time program.

$12,000.00 - 17,000.00 PART-TIME

6 - 12 MONTHS (approx)

For those of that can’t commit to the Full-Time Course we can tailor flight training to fit your schedule. The total cost and duration of your training depends on a number of factors but the most important is the frequency and consistency of training. The more you train, the faster and more cost effective your learning will be. Our flight training method is simulator-centric and we do require that you purchase an Unlimited Simulator Package. This allows you unlimited use of our advanced simulator during your training up to 6 months. The cost is based on:

  • $1,000.00 Unlimited Sim Package:
  • $50.00/hr Instructor Time
  • $160/hr Airplane Rental

*Estimate can vary depending on student


$ 364 CESSNA PILOT TRAINING KIT. The Cessna Pilot Training kit is an online, multi-media, self-study training course designed to prepare you for both the FAA Written as well as a complete flight training ground school.

$ 400 FAA WRITTEN PREP written exam can often be a bottleneck for many student’s flight training. Written Prep usually requires about four, one on one ground sessions designed to provide you with a structured path to help complete the FAA written exam.


  • $150 – $210 FAA Medical Exam
  • $165 FAA Written Exam
  • $350 – 425 FAA Practical Exam
  • $300 – $1,500 Headsets (Depending on features.)
  • $150 Charts and subscriptions, and other accessories